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Commercial Solar PV Systems

AGE Energy specializes in Commercial PV Solar Systems. Firstly we offer you the reduction in the electrical load with near no cost solutions to achieve the best out of the electrical energy usage. Each project is unique,therefore we put engineering into work to come up with the best suited system.

Commercial Solar PV

Our Work Methodology

Step 1
Load,Project Study and Offer Presenting
A thorough study of current loads will be performed to pinpoint areas for load reduction. A feasibility study for a PV system and energy reduction measures will be assessed. An offer is presented.
Step 2
PV System Installation
Detailed engineering study, design and system installation are carried out
Step 3
Monitor and Enjoy the Savings
With the energy monitoring solutions we are offering, you can understand how much you are spending, how much power you are generating

Big Projects With Little Hassle

▸Streamlined Engineering and Construction

▸Minimum work for the client

▸Turnkey delivery and quality assurance

▸Project Operations and Commissioning

▸Energy and Security Monitoring

▸Highest energy output achieved by careful processing and exact tuning of components

▸ High quality components

Why AGE Energy?

AGE Energy aims to deliver reliable systems by applying the following methodology with strictest QA/QC procedures:

  A) Load Study

▸Study and analysis of the electrical load

▸Introduce the latest measures to reduce electrical loads

▸Continuous monitoring and analysis of your electrical load

▸Optimization of electrical load distribution and profile

▸Evaluate project total cost and ROI

  B)  Solar PV System Design

▸Survey for the best site location to install the PV System

▸PV Project feasibility Analysis

▸Determine final system size and yield output

  C)  Installation and Handing Over

▸Detailed Construction and Installation Time Schedule

▸Liaising with local authorities for approvals

▸Project Drawings,Documents and Material List

▸Project installation,testing,commissioning and handing over

▸Staff training

▸Periodical monitoring Reporting

Web Enabled Surveillance

AGE Energy takes things further by offering a complete IP Camera solution . You have the power to monitor and secure your investment . You can use the camera video feedback as marketing tool for your business.

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