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Energy Monitoring

AGE Energy offers state of the art energy monitoring solutions for all your energy needs and green image.

Complete Monitoring Solutions

Energy monitoring is a tracking system to monitor continuously energy activities. The system is centralized and available for all to use in gauging progres s toward established targets, milestones, and deadlines. Maintaining a tracking system enables you to assess necessary steps, corrective actions, and identify successes. Periodic review of the activities outlined in the action plan is critical to meet energy performance goals. A detailed information regarding our system can be found on the Products Page >>
There are many benifits for the usage of a monitoring system:

    ▸ Analyze and understand existing energy usage

    ▸ Identify Saving Opportunities of up to 30%

    ▸ Eliminate Out of Hours Waste

    ▸ Reduce Your Maintenance Costs and Downtime

    ▸ Promote the Value of your Renewable Energy Investment

    ▸ Expose Energy Abusing Equipment

    ▸ Improve Your 'Green' Image

    ▸ Real-time Energy Displays Engage Users and Improve Efficiencies

    ▸ Historical Analysis Tools Help to Target Continual Reductions

    ▸ Improve Your 'Green' Image

    ▸ Email & SMS Alerts Accelerate Response to Excess Consumption

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