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Energy Efficiency and Energy Audits

AGE Energy professionals have worked on energy efficiency projects for commercial and Industrial facilities. We do it simply and innovatively, we monitor, analyze, and implement solutions.

Energy Audits

A comprehensive energy audit allows a facility owner to receive a realistic understanding of how a facility is performing and what steps should be taken to positively affect the performance. We perform building energy audits to assess and diagnose inefficient or defective installations. We utilize various facility modeling software, testing equipment, and techniques to quantify appropriate modifications and potential investments resulting in reduced operating costs. By monitoring,analyzing and then integrating Energy Efficiency Measures can promote financial transparency so decision makers can be better informed about potential energy efficiency improvements and returns on investment.
The objective of the energy audit is to perform an independent assessment to identify and develop plans to:

    ▸ Analyze and understand existing energy usage

    ▸ Improve energy efficiency by reducing energy use, carbon footprint, and/or operating costs

    ▸ Perform a cost/benefit and Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of various efficiency measures

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