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  • Solar PV For Your Home!

    We offer professional services of Solar PV systems sizing,designing and installation>>more

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  • PV Solar For Commercial Sector !

    We offer a Turn-Key solution tailored for large consumers>>more

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  • Energy Efficiency Projects

    Energy Consumption Reduction and Smart Monitoring >>more

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  • Monitoring Systems

    Smart and Reliable Monitoring Systems >>more

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  • Solar EPC and Turnkey Services

    Full EPC ,Project Execution and Operations>>more

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AGE Energy is an Energy Solutions Provider based in Jordan providing comprehensive solutions using state-of-the art technologies and systems. We provide professional engineering,procurement,and installations of Solar PV Systems.

What We Do

Reduce Energy Consumption

We work together towards raising your facility energy efficiency , by utilizing our structured EnergyMap Program.

We will monitor, perform energy audit,introduce solutions,resulting in the reduction of the total energy bill.

Generate Power

After reducing your energy consumption, we will study,design,size and install a reliable and affordable renewable system tailored for your needs,then you will start generating your own power.

Monitor Energy

Our Smart Monitoring Systems give you the power to have real-time access - 24 Hours,with highly accurate information about your energy consumption. Our monitoring solutions let you know how much energy your facility is consuming and how much energy your Solar PV system is generating.The Data is securely stored and available year-round access.

Turnkey Solutions

With our international partners we are capable of providing turnkey projects in the field of solar PV plants installation , commissioning and maintnanace.

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